Top Ten Video Games that Became Movies

10. Pokemon: The First Movie I admit I was somewhat caught up in the hype to finally catch a glimpse of the famed Mew and Mewtwo, so elusive they were in the Gameboy games. I have to say their arrival was kind of bittersweet given how flat the story was, but their epic battle gave rise to the idea of how awesome a combination of hand drawn animation and computer animation could be. 9. Double Dragon The film itself was cheesy and somewhat distorted with too many stories going on at one time. The plot was thin and the fight

Top 5 Strangest Video Games Ever Made

Video game designers long ago realized that video gamers will play just about anything if it is fun to play and replay value. This allows designers to create some rather strange and unusual games that often are surprisingly popular. In a video game world filled with plumbers fighting walking mushrooms, giant monsters smashing buildings, and cars with machine guns and oil slicks, it would seem very little would seem strange. Still, a few games stand out as some of the strangest video games ever. 5. Zero Wing (Sega Mega Drive) The original version of this game is actually a rather

How to Know when You Should Stop Playing a Video Game

It’s another dreary day. Rain has been falling since morning and you look down on your driveway where the basketball rim is dripping with water and the blacktop is overrun with worms. A cackle of thunder rumbles in the distance. You breathe a sigh. So much for a day spent outside. That’s ok though. This isn’t the Dark Ages. Rain doesn’t have to be the end of your day, nor does darkness. This new era of technology has made indoors as accessible to the Fun Goblins as outdoors did thirty years ago. The catalyst to this has been the video

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