Top 10 Video Games for Stay at Home Moms with Young Teenage Sons

As a stay at home mom with a soon to be teen son, it’s challenging finding games to play together. Some E or E10+ games are too childish for him. Other games rated T are too mature. My son and I really enjoy playing these 10 video games together.

TOP 10 Video Game’s List:

10. Skate (Xbox 360, PS3, rated T, $20.00)

For us, the best part of Skate is playing the offline modes like Spot Battle. Skate lets you be creative and design your own skateboarder. Another fun part is helping each other in the campaign mode to compete in the X Games. Skate’s different from other skateboarding games since you use the analog stick instead of buttons to perform tricks.

9. Smackdown vs Raw 2010 (PS3, Xbox360, PS2, Wii, rated T, $39.99)

For wrestling fans, Smackdown Vs Raw is must have. The greatest features are creating your own personalized characters and battling in dozens of different match types. Even if you don’t have much time to play, you can always fire up a quick match. There’s also a co-op story mode called “Brand Warfare.” You are both WWE superstars climbing your way to top as a tag team. The tutorial mode is a big help for newer players.

8. New Super Mario Bros (Wii, rated E, $49.99)

This version of the platforming classic is especially fun for adults who grew up playing Super Mario. It’s been a great joy to introduce my son to nostalgic games like Mario. Both of you can play story mode to save Princess Peach or others like Coin Battle. The Super Guide helps inexperienced platform gamers with completing the levels.

7. LittleBigPlanet (PS3, rated E, $29.99)

This adventure platforming game lets you create your own levels. You can customize Sackboy with different outfits. The best feature of LBP is the variety of the game play. Up to four people can play together or compete in the levels. This makes for crazy, fast paced, and funny moments. The Game of the Year edition features the best levels created by other players.

6. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (PS3, Xbox360, Wii, PS2, rated T, $20.00)

Any young teen boy should love this game. Up to four players pick their favorite Marvel character like Spiderman or Captain America and help defeat Dr. Doom together. It’s a blast to unlock other heroes through out the game. There’s also a variety of mini-games, like trivia, to play. By building your team with related characters, you can collect special power-ups and costumes.

5. LEGO Batman (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, rated E10+, $20.00)

The quirky humor of the Lego video games is fun and entertaining. Two players can work together to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and smash the Lego environments. Players pick Hero and Villain missions in an all new Batman storyline. You can create a character or play over 40 other ones. Even Bruce Wayne’s butler can kick butt in the missions. Just like other Lego games, there’s mini kits and power bricks to collect.

4. Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS2, Xbox, playable on Xbox 360, rated T, $20.00)

Battlefront 2 may be older, but it’s still a great game. The best thing about it is getting together and planning how to beat the battles in Story Mode. Each player can be a different trooper type and experiment with what works best. Instant Action battles are quick and fast paced. You can be on the same team or battle against each other. Players can also choose from three different factions and dozens of planets.

3. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii, rated E, $49.99)

The second player has a much larger role in Galaxy 2. As a Luma, you can help Mario attack enemies, collect coins and other power-ups. One of the most fun ways to play is taking turns in single player. I have beaten many Mario games playing like that with my son. Cosmic Guides scattered around the galaxies also give hints and help when needed.

2. LEGO Stars Wars: The Complete Saga (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, rated E10+, $20.00)

The Complete Saga is an enormous game featuring levels from all six movies and over 150 playable characters. In addition, both of you can play Bounty Hunter missions and smash everything in the Lego Town. You can also purchase silly gags like mustaches for the characters with all the studs you collect. Lego Star Wars absolutely one of my favorite video games to play with my son.

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii, rated T, $49.99)

SSBB is a fantastic fighting game starring favorite Nintendo characters like Donkey Kong and Link. It’s another nostalgic game moms who grew up with Nintendo will love. The variety of play is amazing from the co-op Adventure mode to the 41 events of Brawl mode. There’s also mini-games like Target Smash and the ability to create your own levels. SSBB is a fighting game everyone can play together.

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