Top Ten Video Games that Became Movies

10. Pokemon: The First Movie

I admit I was somewhat caught up in the hype to finally catch a glimpse of the famed Mew and Mewtwo, so elusive they were in the Gameboy games. I have to say their arrival was kind of bittersweet given how flat the story was, but their epic battle gave rise to the idea of how awesome a combination of hand drawn animation and computer animation could be.

9. Double Dragon

The film itself was cheesy and somewhat distorted with too many stories going on at one time. The plot was thin and the fight scenes highly active but too large to appreciate the artistry. One big plus was the rediscovery of everyone’s fondness for Alyssa Milano, and when I say everyone, I mean all men. However, it did almost torpedo the career of Robert Patrick, fresh off his unforgettable portrayal of the T-1000 in Terminator 2. Like it or not, the movie was amusing to watch.

8. Super Mario Bros.

Not even the respected Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper could rescue this movie from mediocrity. The premise of the game itself probably hurt them more than anything. Two plumbers trying to save a princess from a giant lizard? A little out there, but a commendable try nonetheless. Who knows, they might try again one day. It’s only fair since the Mario brothers rewrote the video game stage, one mushroom at a time.

7. Resident Evil

Public outcry on this movie should tell the tale of how dear the Resident Evil franchise was to gamers everywhere. It practically defined zombie warfare and single-handedly launched the ‘M’ rating for games. Paul Anderson thought he could become the gaming guru of the new millenium, and perhaps he did since he was able to get Milla Jovovich on board. The film spawned two sequels and has been a cinematic success, though it remains a staunch sticking point for game fans that the movie people went away from the original game script.

6. Doom

Before The Rock became a softy with his prissy Disney films, he led a sharp group of marines into an alien infestation on Mars. The plot is kind of generic, but the action makes up for it along with some classic banter moments. The scene that nobody can take away from us is an unforgettable sequence that brought back the nostalgia of the grand daddy of first-person shooters when Karl Urban blasts his way through the compound with an arsenal the size of the Ark of the Covenant. Don’t look at it.

5. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

You can’t argue with Angelina Jolie wearing tight shirts and toting duel hand cannons. While the reviews were largely negative, her onscreen portrayal of one of the top game heroines in existence was enough to carry a sequel. The choreography was also lots of fun. Jolie did the part well enough, but she will never hold a candle to the real thing.

4. Prince of Persia

The fact that this movie has been out just two months should tell you how weak this list is. Still, for what the movie is worth, it’s fun and adventurous in the truest sense of a classic video game. You never get bored, and that’s what counts. One big side note should be that the landscape design involved with the movie setting was some of the best since Lord of Rings in the humble, pointless opinion of this writer.

3. Street Fighter II: The Movie

Do not mistake this for the clunker released by Jean-Claude Van Damme, this was the much better version by Manga Entertainment. In it you had a little bit of everything: ridiculous kicking combinations, bolts of electricity coming from the hands, two best friends doing battle, a buff soldier with freaky hair, a hot Interpol agent and a looney warlord calling himself a general. Expertly crafted and woven into a twistful and engaging tale, this movie doesn’t get near the credit it deserves.

2. Mortal Kombat

It’s almost impossible to fathom how Paul Anderson took a gruesome fighting game with almost no storyline and turned it into an action-packed blockbuster that grossed $122 million, ushering in another brief love affair with martial arts in cinema. It was never meant to be perfect, it was just Mortal Kombat. Now finish him!

1. Tron

Who knew the first ever game to become a movie would remain the best. Nearly eighteen years later and on the threshold of a sequel, the originality of this groundbreaking film has not been duplicated since Jeff Bridges ushered it in back in 1982. It should be noted that this video game movie was among the very first to use computer graphics. Tell that to those posers at Pixar.

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